Steve Nowlan

Managing Partner

3 Wilrich Glen Road

Morristown, NJ  07960




About Emerging Trends Consulting Group


Emerging Trends helps chief legal officers and law department management teams to develop and implement transformative strategies to generate better legal, financial and reputation outcomes.


We know from first-hand experience that the keys to success in leading global organizations are first, to look ahead to understand how global driving forces are evolving, and then, to develop transformational strategies that will simultaneously deal with today's challenges and better equip the team to master what lies ahead. 

  • We help client teams identify and analyze the upcoming pressures standing in the way of company objectives. Then we help them act energetically and confidently on the implications of their insights and knowledge to create the essential linkage between vision, strategy and tactics that leads to outstanding results. 

  • We bring significant expertise and innovation to bear in such areas as achieving Critical Success Factors, developing a strategic approach to preventive law and legal risk management, post-convergence partnering with law firms, core competencies and staff development as well as the utilization of supportive technologies.

Some Current and Past Clients

  • Sears, DuPont, Baxter International, Viacom, Prudential Financial, Pitney Bowes, McDonald’s Corporation, Manulife Financial, The New York Stock Exchange, International Paper, The Hartford, Lucent Technologies, Tyco International, Shell Oil Company, Schering-Plough, DaimlerChrysler and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., among others.


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